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Java User Interface Programming with JavaFX

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Java User Interface Programming with JavaFX

4 days hands-on £1,940+VAT

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Hands-on presentation of the JavaFX architecture, components and usage in developing multi-platform graphical user interfaces


JavaFX Overview

  • Installing JavaFX
  • JavaFX architecture
  • JavaFX applications

Application Structure

  • Stages
  • Scenes
  • The scene graph
  • Application lifecycle


  • 2D shapes
  • Paths
  • Text
  • Colours
  • Images

Graphical Effects

  • Applying effects to nodes
  • Transformations
  • Animation
  • 3D shapes

User Interfaces

  • UI Elements
  • Layouts
  • Charts
  • CSS stylesheets

Event Handling

  • Foreground & background events
  • Event types
  • Event handling phases
  • Filters
  • Adding & removing handlers


Java is a very effective environment for professional and enterprise software development. JavaFX takes is a set of graphics and media packages that takes GUI programming to a new level, allowing developers to create rich client applications that operate consistently across diverse platforms.

In this course, you gain experience using JavaFX to develop portable GUI applications. You acquire the skills needed to design GUI architectures that can be reused in multiple projects without modification.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Implement GUIs that behave consistently on diverse platforms
  • Develop applications using JavaFX
  • Use the features supported in Java for 2-D graphics
  • Use the features supported in Java for animations
  • Use CSS for styling JavaFX GUIs


This course is for those involved in creating GUI applications, including Java programmers, designers, analysts, engineers and managers. It is also for Java programmers who are already familiar with the basics of the Java graphical frameworks and want to explore the capabilities of JavaFX, and for programmers with some Java programming experience who would like to explore the potential of Java for designing GUI's and other graphical applications.


Participants are expected to be familiar with the features of the Java Standard Edition (JSE) covered in the Java Programming course. A knowledge of some topics covered in the Java Advanced Programming course is also beneficial.

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