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Java Programming for C++ Programmers

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Java Programming for C++ Programmers

5 days hands-on £2,425+VAT

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Enables existing C++ programmers to make the jump to programming in Java, including the most useful packages


Java Architecture

  • Java Infrastructure
  • Platform independence
  • Compilation and execution

C++ Similarities

  • Syntax
  • Control structures
  • Expressions and relational operators
  • References and pointers
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Overloading & Overriding Methods

Differences in Object Orientation

  • Interfaces
  • Dynamic linking and class loading
  • Garbage collection
  • Static methods and fields
  • Package organisation and visibility modifiers

Data Structures

  • The Object Class
  • Strings
  • StringBuffers
  • Arrays of Primitives & Objects
  • Collections and Maps
  • ArrayLists and Vectors
  • Iteration


  • Type Safety
  • Common Generic Classes
  • Bounded Type Arguments
  • Differences to C++ Templates
  • Type Erasure


  • Accessing Java Documentation
  • Documenting Code
  • Using Javadoc

Graphical User Interfaces

  • The Swing Graphical Framework
  • Graphical Applications
  • Fundamental Swing Components
  • Layout Managers
  • Designing User Interfaces
  • Event Handling
  • Inner Classes
  • Adapter Classes
  • Menus
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Graphical Images

Exception Handling

  • Exception Types
  • User-Defined Exceptions

Input & Output

  • File Handling
  • Byte Streams
  • Character Streams
  • Binary Data
  • Random Access
  • Object Data Streams

Data Access

  • JDBC architecture
  • Database URLs
  • Connecting to databases
  • Executing queries
  • Using ResultSets
  • Using metadata

Accessing Native Methods

  • Calling C/C++ functions from Java
  • Accessing object fields
  • Accessing class fields
  • Method signatures
  • Accessing Java methods
  • Arrays
  • Error handling


Java has gained rapid acceptance as the cross-platform alternative to C++ for application development. Similar in syntax to C++, Java further simplifies and accelerates the development of robust, platform-independent applications.

This hands-on course capitalises on your existing C++ knowledge to accelerate your development as a proficient Java programmer. You gain a solid understanding of the Java language and runtime environment, and the extensive class libraries available with Java Standard Edition version 8 (JSE8).


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the differences between C++ and Java
  • Write, compile and execute Java programs using JSE8
  • Build robust object-oriented applications using Java
  • Create applications and applets using Java class libraries
  • Develop cross-platform graphical user interfaces
  • Perform I/O using Java stream classes
  • Access local and remote databases using JDBC
  • Interface to code written in other languages


This course is designed for programmers, engineers, analysts and managers migrating to Java from C++.


A working knowledge of C++ programming and object-oriented concepts, up to the level covered in our C++ Programming course, is assumed. Experience of Internet technologies and networking in general would be helpful.

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