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Java Programming

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Java Programming

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Covers the essential features of object-oriented programming in Java and its core packages, based on Java SE 11 and includes the new features of Java SE 12.


Java Architecture

  • Java Infrastructure
  • Platform independence
  • Compilation and execution
  • Traditional Programming vs. Object Oriented Programming

Java Programming

  • Class Files
  • Identifiers and Variables
  • Primitive types
  • Operators, expressions & statements

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Reference Types
  • Object Creation & destruction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Function Overloading & overriding
  • Constructors
  • Packages
  • Access Control
  • Interfaces
  • Abstract Classes and Methods

Data Structures

  • The Object class
  • Strings & StringBuffers
  • Arrays of primitives & objects
  • Collections and Maps
  • ArrayLists and Vectors
  • Iteration


  • Type Safety
  • Common Generic Classes
  • Bounded Type Arguments
  • Type Erasure


  • Accessing Java Documentation
  • Documenting Code
  • Using Javadoc

Graphical User Interfaces

  • The Swing Graphical Framework
  • Graphical Applications
  • Fundamental Swing Components
  • Layout Managers
  • Designing User Interfaces
  • Event Handling
  • Inner Classes
  • Adapter Classes
  • Menus
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Graphical Images

Exception Handling

  • Exception Types
  • User-Defined Exceptions

Input & Output

  • File Handling
  • Byte Streams
  • Character Streams
  • Binary Data
  • Random Access
  • Object Data Streams

Data Access

  • JDBC architecture
  • Database URLs
  • Connecting to databases
  • Executing queries
  • Using ResultSets
  • Using metadata


Java is one of the major languages for building robust, cross-platform applications. Java's object-oriented architecture lends itself to rapid development and high maintainability, while its extensive class libraries encapsulate the entire range of modern technologies. Java may be used to develop a wide range of solutions, from simple applets that run in a web browser to complete enterprise solutions.

This course introduces both the Java framework and generic object-oriented principles. The hands-on exercises cover a wide range of topics including networking, multi-threading and GUI development


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write, compile and execute Java programs using JSE8
  • Build robust object-oriented applications using Java
  • Create applications and applets using Java class libraries
  • Develop cross-platform graphical user interfaces
  • Perform I/O using Java stream classes
  • Access local and remote databases using JDBC


This course is aimed primarily at programmers who are interested in developing Java applications and applets. Engineers, analysts and managers will also find it useful.


Participants are expected to be familiar with at least one other programming language, but no other prior knowledge is assumed. Those with a prior knowledge of Java would be better served by our Java Advanced Programming course.

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