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Java Enterprise Programming

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Java Enterprise Programming

4 days hands-on £1,940+VAT

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XML Overview

  • XML document format
  • The DTD


  • Servlet life-cycle
  • Generating HTML
  • Processing forms
  • Using cookies
  • State management with sessions

JavaServer Pages (JSP)

  • JSP syntax
  • Using the implicit objects
  • Directives and actions
  • Using JavaBeans
  • Using custom tags

Web Applications

  • Configuring web applications
  • Session and application events
  • Security options
  • Form-based security
  • Programmatic security

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

  • EJB architecture
  • EJB interfaces
  • Session beans
  • Entity beans
  • Message-driven beans

EJB Management

  • Bean-managed persistence
  • Container-managed persistence
  • Bean-managed transactions
  • Container-managed transactions
  • Exception handling
  • EJB security

EJB Deployment

  • The deployment descriptor
  • Application assembly
  • Deployment tasks
  • Types of EJB client
  • Writing EJB clients


This course provides a thorough hands-on exploration of the key J2EE API's and shows how to use the strength of each technology to build web applications that are robust, efficient, and maintainable

Working in a hands-on environment, participants will design and deploy a multi-tiered, e-commerce web based business application utilizing the skills gained throughout the course. There is also comprehensive coverage of critical J2EE architecture and design issues, teaching participants the best practices and pointing out key mistakes to avoid.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Thoroughly understand the J2EE architecture and how to use the core API's
  • Understand each core J2EE API and how it functions in a J2EE solution
  • Combine the facilities offered by various J2EE API's to solve practical development problems
  • Develop robust e-commerce applications using the J2EE platform


This course is for experienced Java developers who wish to gain the essential skills required build and deploy robust, scaleable and secure enterprise web applications using the J2EE platform.